Saturday, May 19, 2012

Books Can Not Be Cancelled (Kyra Davis Keeps em Coming)

 I was talking with a friend last week, and somehow we started talking about 2012 television shows that were cancelled. I was sad to hear that GCB (abc) Prime Suspect (abc) and Alcatraz (fox) were cancelled. I am not surprised about GCB it was a very funny show with a lot of potential to get better, but it never stood a chance that that unmemorable title. Though I was surprised Prime Suspect and Alcatraz are off the air.

I am always bit sad when shows I enjoy get cancelled, (Arrested Development, Wonderfalls anyone) I suppose I could write letters to the network, but it is not that serious. Though it's a shame when good shows get pulled off the air.

A few days after that conversation  I started reading Vanity, Vengeance, & A Weekend in Vega$ by Kyra Davis. This is the sixth book in the Sophie Katz series and the first one that the author self published. I love me some Sophie Katz (and her friends)  . And I gotta love an author that can work references of Alice Walker, Ayn Rand, David Sedaris and Emily Bronte.

''What part of the mafia do you think Fawn objected to? She's in jail for attempted murder so obviously it wasn't the violence." Maybe she didn't like working with other people?" " Yeah," Dena replied, "maybe she just didn't like the corporate culture. She's an individualist. Like Ayn Rand with a Quentin Tarantino edge."

Sophie Katz is a bestselling mystery author/ accidental sleuth. Somehow she is always stumbling across dead bodies. Her Russian boyfriend Anatoly could give Ranger from the Stephanie Plum series a run for his money. Both characters have that dangerous/mysterious sexy vibe. Halfway into Vanity, Vengeance, & A Weekend in Vega$, I could not help but be thankful that books can not be cancelled.

If  an author can't come to a contract agreement with their publisher, they can always submit their work to another house or self-publish. Of course the latter option is not easy and the financial gain is probably small. Yet some authors go this route, I am very happy Kyra Davis is one of them and that the Sophie Katz series could not be cancelled.

I don't normally do disclaimers, however since this is boarding on fan gushing beyond what is decent I will do one now.  I purchased Vanity, Vengeance & A Weekend in Vega$, and it was money well spent.


VeeJaye said...

I love the Sophie Katz series! I bought the book but am holding out on reading it hoping that Kyra is able to get Gabra Zackman to do the audio version.

My husband is also a fan! We've listened to the entire series on audiobook. I would hate to leave him out by reading this one.

Toni Campbell said...

I'm kinda upset about Alcatraz. Now we'll never know what the heck was going on!

traffictieup said...

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Dani S said...

Books can't be canceled -- that is a unique way to look at TV vs Books that I never thought of before. Self-publishing may not be very profitable, but there are some authors that just want to get the work out there.

I'm bummed that "Alcatraz" was canceled, too. My husband is not a reader, but we do watch a lot of the same TV shows. It is not easy to find shows that we both like, so I'm always disappointed when one gets canceled.

Sheila (Bookjourney) said...

That is a good point, books are not cancelled! YAY!!!!!

Lark @ The Bookwyrm's Hoard said...

It's true now, but it wasn't always! Self-publishing does mean a book series can't be cancelled even if the publisher declines to renew the contract. (Unless, of course, the publisher holds the rights to the characters.)

Thanks for stopping by my Sunday Post yesterday!

Sheila (Bookjourney) said...

Thats a great point! We can always find our great books!

Sheila (Bookjourney) said...

I popped in to see how you were doing and I remembered commenting on this post before. Good post! Hope you are well!

Sheila (Bookjourney) said...

Excellent points. I too dislike it when I get into following a tv show and then it is cancelled before I it ever resolves anything. I like that books can not do that :)